Tween fashion for girls. Top 10 fashion needs for back to school.

Tween fashion for girls. Top 10 fashion needs for back to school.
Tween fashion. Yes, tween is a word.
And….it is defined as such from the urban dictionary…
Tween: a girl ages about 9-14...too old for toys, but too young for boys.

Very easy to market to, will usually follow any fashion trend set for them, will most likely go through the phase of 'finding themselves' as they 'grow up'.
(Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen's main fanbase are all tweens.)
Comforting? Not so much. But take courage. I'm here to help. If you have a tween daughter I feel your pain. This in-between stage is brutal. They want to shop juniors, but it doesn't quite fit. They want bras…but they don't quite need them. Too short. Too tight. Too grown up.
But wait. It really doesn't need to be that bad. I have three daughters. Two have successfully passed through this phase…fashionably. And daughter number three…well, she is not just going to pass through it. She is going to leave a mark. Little Miss. "T" has suggestions for girls on what's trending…what you must have for fall…and how to pull it together. I don't dress this one. I guide her. Seriously.

Tahlia's "must have" list for fall fashion.
  1. Converse.
  2. Denim vests.
  3. Colored denim.
  4. Lace.
  5. Boots.
  6. Accessories.
  7. Cardigans.
  8. T-shirts to layer.
  9. Denim shirts (are you sensing the denim trend?)
  10. Outrageous fun flats.
I don't know if you know…but Tahlia was chosen to be a Discovery Girl, for Discovery Girl magazine. I'll have to tell you this story someday. Anyway…she needed to choose an outfit for her profile shoot for her magazine spread. This is the outfit she chose. Why? Because she loves boots and she loves dresses. I love that it's kind of girly with an edge.

(dress H&M / boots Target / cardigan - hand me down / jewelry MudLove and StudioJewel)
Determined to find red jeans - not easy when she doesn't quite fit in juniors…yet. But alas, these she loves. Cuffed for early fall. Tucked in boots when the weather gets cooler. Paired with a little lace for softness and denim for contrast. And don't forget a touch of leopard. Rawr. And really…what is it with the jumping photos? Ok, she does look kinda cute…right?
(red jeans - Macy's kids / lace shirt - Target / denim button down - Platos Closet / leopard flats - Payless)
T loves color. It suits her. And since we were on the hunt for colored jeans, these also made her "pahleeeeese" list. Paired with stripes…still hot this season…AND sparkly converse…it's a win! And more jumping….of course…
(purple denim - Old Navy / striped shirt - Old Navy / grey cardi - Old Navy / sparkly converse - Kohl's)

Last but not least, a basic denim outfit. cute jeans - again, rolled for fall - tucked in boots for cooler weather. A lightweight printed blouse - because layering is key. And this absolutely-I-love-it-with-all-my-heart daisy light denim vest. S'cute.

(jeans - Target / floral blouse - Old Navy / vest - Tilly's / sandals - Payless)

I think this gives you some very good options for your tween. Shoot, I might even steal some of her ideas! Just remember, it's ok for your little girls to look like…well…little girls! They will be forced into grown up land WAY too soon anyway. Help them find their style while maintaining their youth.

And if they don't read Discovery Girls magazine, they should. Real girls. Real issues. Acting their age. I can't brag enough. Tahlia will be in the upcoming February/March issue…I think. I will totally keep you posted.

But until then…happy shopping. And remember…hormones are fun! Lol.



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