Pondering. Creativity. When thoughts, ideas and color take over.

Pondering. Creativity. When thoughts, ideas and color take over.
Lately my brain is on overload. Scary right?
There seems to be creative flood happening.
Ideas. Ideas. Ideas.
I sit down to complete an order...and suddenly I find my hands reaching and working on something else! It's like a right brain, left brain competition!
*side bar* Have you seen this image? I love it!
mercedes benz advertisement
I am a true testimony of using both sides of my brain. But lately? I feel like I'm breathing color and passion and innovation and design.
When I'm in right brain mode I tend to be very introspective. I am a "thinker", perhaps an "over-thinker" by nature. So when I start withdrawing into myself even more than usual, I get a bit edgy and even, dare I say, grouchy. Sorry family :(
The results of the creativity?
Here are some new pieces I've been playing with. I'm fascinated with the mix of leather and fabric and metal right now. And these designs are a bit different than my norm. I like them a great deal.
So in brain overload - create like crazy mode I'm not really thinking very clearly. My mind is in a million places at once. My emotions at an all time high. I'm beginning to understand VanGogh or Warhol. Don't worry, I'm keeping my ears.
Bear with me in this "season of color". If I seem distracted, now you know why. I promise you. It will be worth it!
Today I'm thinking about Easter.
And not just because I gave up candy and chocolate for Lent.
I'm thinking about this....
I do believe more cross designs will be processing in my brain today....
What's on YOUR mind?
Or what would you like to see?
Any ideas?
Inspire me...you already do!
...grateful for you...

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