Weekend family fashion - isn't it Spring yet?

Weekend family fashion - isn't it Spring yet?
This was not our best weekend.
You know those kind of weekends that creep up on you?
Too much to do.
Too many schedules.
You end up out of breath rather than feeling rested?
Yes. That was us.
In fact, this morning we have yet another snow day. I cringe. I'm already behind, and it's only Monday.
For our Saturday night date I found myself in dressed very dark. Maybe it fit my mood? It was "fine", but not great. In our home fine is an "F" word. I didn't like the way I looked, I didn't like the way I felt.
Sunday morning I decided I NEEDED some color in my wardrobe. So I opted for my red jeans. The sweater is still very dark and wintry, but the ruffles and texture add nice interest and "distraction". Still not my favorite. (I'm feeling the "it's-been-winter-and-I'm-very-out-of-shape").
sweater Tailor and Stylist / boots ShoeMint.com / jeans boutique
What I like.
The red really brightens up the whole outfit. The "frilly-ness" of the sweater makes it feel light, fun and a bit flirty!
I opted for my low booties from ShoeMint - since the red it so strong, a higher boot would just have competed and made it look too busy.
A simple black tank and belt...again, no competition. (That's Margaret in the background. She's my new bestie. That way I have someone to talk to during the day - and she doesn't talk back. You know...no head and all!)
And even really simple jewelry. Earrings. No necklace. Basic bangles.
I really WANT to be wearing "spring" but it's just too cold! I painted my nails purple and green hoping to coax the bulbs through the frozen ground. It's working...right?
My small person on the other hand, does not care what the weather is. She wears what she wants to wear! I do love that about her!
This dress is very spring, but the way she paired it with dark leggings and boots made it still very cold weather appropriate. May I remind you...she puts this together all by herself!
I love the cowgirl vibe she has incorporated, it just makes it even more age appropriate and fun!
Simple jewelry. Her cross necklace is one of her favs (and mine!).
I kind of think Maggie the dog makes a pretty good accessory too! She wears her "child of God" ring every day! LOVE! So yes, we are eager for warmer days. But I keep reminding myself the farmers need it to be cold in March. But it's so hard to keep perspective with goose bumps!! But right now? Now I have to gather "my troops" and figure out how to plow through this snow day! Happy Spring! xoxoxo lisa

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