Choosing a new Hair Color the easiest way to change your look

radical hair-color changes to change your look
Hair-Color. Quite frankly it's the easiest way to completely change your look...temporarily. And no longer do you need to choose blonde, brunette or redhead. You can choose multi colored, blue, green, pastel, ombre, reverse ombre. The choices are many. radical hair-color changes to change your look I started dabbling with fun hair-color about 6 years ago. A purple streak here. A feather there. Maybe a dash of teal. I found the color fun and freeing and an incredible way to change my entire look without much effort, knowing in a couple months...I could change it again!


Quite frankly it's the easiest way to completely change your look

Don't believe me? Here's a look a the last couple years of hair-color transformation ending with just yesterday. Talk about FUN! playing with extreme hair-color Now. I know exactly what you are thinking. No really. I do. And my hair is in the BEST condition it has ever been in. I don't bleach it out. But I do color color color. The product that Krystal has been using is called Davines - it's completely sustainable - the companies standard of ethics is outstanding...but can we just talk about the condition of my hair. Let me tell you this. I have not NEEDED a hair cut in months. No split ends. Incredible growth. And the shine? Just shut.up. My hair is better now than it has ever been! Personally, I use Davines products on my hair at home as well. The Oi Beautifying Potion is the bomb. It works. It smells divine. I even brought it to my BFF as a gift - yes, you can give hair product as a gift when it's this good! And I just started using the LOVE conditioner. This product does what it's supposed to do with just a teeny tiny bit. Again. Can't rave enough. Worth every.single.penny. Truly. What are you waiting for. It's time to play. It's just hair. Why be boring and routine? Give yourself a big dose of self expression. Live on the edge a little. As for me. What color do you think I should do next? Any requests? Nothing is too crazy. I mean, I have green hair. :) xoxoxooxoxo, lisa

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