Ten signs you may really be an introvert but PLAY an extrovert online.

Ten signs you may really be an introvert but PLAY an extrovert online.
Are you an introvert? Do you pretend to be an extrovert in your online life. Here are ten ways to prove this might be true.

1. The most interaction you get with people during the day is through your Instagram and Facebook account.

2. You begin to think LOL is really you laughing out loud...when all you ever do is type it.

3. You think people in real life seem exceptionally small compared to their profile pic.

4. You agree to speak at a conference and then have a mini anxiety attack when you realize that's in front of a live audience.

5. Your thoughts and life are much more vivid when written out in glorious sentences then spoken out loud.

6. You find on Monday that you haven't left the house except to walk the dogs since Friday and you are totally ok with that.

7. You get dressed and put on makeup even though the only humans you will see are the UPS guy and your family, because you MIGHT need to take a selfie.

8. People can't wait to meet you "in real life" and the sheer thought of that causes you to panic.

9. When the phone RINGS you stare at it. When it DINGS you run to pick it up and check.

10. Your 83 year old mother has to take up texting just to communicate with you.

This is just a list based on my "research" it truly has no bearing on my actual life. Really. I mean it.

It just so happens I'm on a plane on my way to Atlanta for Type-A Con, where I'm speaking. Coincidence. Totally.
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