POPSUGAR Must Have Subscription Box Review – Fall 2014 my favorite thing

POPSUGAR Must Have Subscription Box Review – Fall 2014 my favorite thing
I HAVE to share this box with you! Have to! Like I'm totally over the moon about it…and my kids will tell you…I rarely get excited about anything! True story.

Here's the deal. I'm obsessed with subscription boxes. I get quite a few. I might have a problem. However, I've only ever told you about one…my precious Birchbox. Why? Because I totally believe in it. Wait…you don't get Birchbox yet, here's my referral link…you're welcome. The other boxes I subscribe to? I'm not so sure. Not sure I've wanted to recommend that you spend your hard earned cash. But this box? Save your pennies…it ain't cheap…but darlin? It was like Christmas, or my Birthday, or just THE BEST DAY EVER.
Here is my horrid video. I had to use my phone, since a certain teenager took my camera lens {ahem}. And true, she didn't know I was going to take a video today, I mean really…I didn't know either…but it's my lens!! *rant over*. Watch the crummy video…and read the details below. You want to. Trust me. Would I ever lead you astray? On purpose? NEVER!

( YouTube link click here ---> http://youtu.be/26t_d2naY7I )

First off, I was wrong. There. I admit it. I guess my first PopSugar box came last month NOT 3 months ago. Did I mention I get quite a few boxes. So needless to say. It's monthly. I purchased a 3 month deal (that's where the 3 came from) to give the box a fair shot. I loved last months too - it was just "crazy time" and I forgot all about it!

The box: PopSugar
Cost: $39.95 a month
What's inside: must have's - fitness, food, fashion, beauty, home.

How do I get my own?
Click on this link to sign up ---> http://popsu.gr/uCj
Here's a discount code for $5 off your first box: REFER5

Final say.
Get the box. If you can afford it. For $40 I easily received at LEAST $125 worth of goodies. I also think a 3 month subscription would make the best Christmas gift ever! Just a thought.

If you use my link I get referral points. Once you sign up and share YOUR link YOU get referral points. It's a share the love kind of deal.

Tell me what you loved in MY box…and if you think you need your own. Now shoo. I have better videos to make. Meaning I have a teenager to hunt down!


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