The Vision Board Reveal

The Vision Board Reveal
Three girls. Same assignment. Three very different Vision Boards. I LOVE that.
age 14 - heading into her Freshman year of High School. Intuitive. Motivated. Achiever.
age 11 - heading into Middle School, 7th grade. Thoughtful. Creative. Gentle Spirit.
age 9 - heading into 4th grade. Artistic. Insightful. Spunky.
Many of you asked, what about your vision board...meaning me. And yes, you are right...I need one...asap. So as soon as I finish my paintings for the gallery exhibit I'm a part of (details coming soon!) I will get on it. Pinky swear!
So did you start your Vision Boards? What are you putting on them? If you have pics, post them on my Facebook Fan Page...I'd love to see!
and don't forget...
BE creative!

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