When Do I Get to say "no"?

"Mama, why do you always say 'yes'?"
Do I? Really? Always?
Am I operating out of true desire, or panic? Do I say 'yes' because I WANT to, or because I HAVE to?
But don't all artists live in the realm of fear. Don't we have to, a little? It's what makes us a bit of crazy, a bit edgy. It's where creativity lives. Or does it?
Wait, back up...I just called myself an artist. That's kind of huge for me. I didn't even hesitate...I just TYPED IT.
A R T I S T. I like it.
Maybe I cleared that hurdle. Maybe now I can say "no". To the next thing.
If not for me...for that little voice...that voice that means more to me than any sale, any title, any accomplishment. The voice that calls me "mama", along with her 3 siblings. My biggest achievement. Ever.
So next time darlin' for you, for all of you...the answer is "no".

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