Top fashion questions ANSWERED!

Top fashion questions ANSWERED!
Fashion questions. We all have them. Whether it's sitting in your closet asking yourself, "who do I want to be today?". Or wondering if you really can still wear white pants. Questions.

And lately my blogging mind has been a bit, shall we say, befuddled. I just haven't been able to pull it together. Distractions in life. Insecurities. You know the drill. Sometimes it just ain't there…and whatever you do, you can't make it happen!

So today I thought I would just answer some of YOUR fashion questions thrown at me. So let's spin the fashion wheel and see what we can learn! Deal?
First question.
I have to wear an awful uniform for work, either black scrubs or an ugly unflattering black polo and black pants. How do I style that with accessories to make it not so dull, and where do I find work appropriate pants that are neither skinny jeans, denim, or old lady? ~ Allison

You actually have the perfect blank slate! Put all the focus on your accessories. You can change who you are EVERY single day. Polo day, try a short necklace and tons of bracelets for fun. A black leather wrap and some bangles…perfect! On scrubs day. Go for a long necklace and some stellar earrings! Have fun with it!
As for pants. What about black denim? Big Star jeans are so flattering for all shapes and sizes. Or what about basic flat front straight khaki pants like these from the Gap. Looks great with a dress shoe…a bootie or short converse when you roll them up a bit!

Those booties with cutouts on the sides. Socks with them or no? I can't imagine them looking good with socks but I can't imagine them being comfortable without. - Rachel

I ALWAYS wear them with socks. Mine are gray and I wear either gray or I'll choose dark blue if I have them on with jeans. You hardly notice and they would be uber uncomfortable without!

And there were THREE questions about what kind of shoes to wear with tights and leggings so...

The obvious choice? Tall boots. They just work…with everything. Make sure there is enough space between the top of the boot and the hem of whatever you are wearing to get the whole elongated look.

Short booties. I love the look of a skirt or sweater dress with leggings/tights and short booties. It might feel uncomfortable at first. But trust me it's really cute! Black with black gives a really long look and is very modern and classy. {{see my post about fall fashion for some ways I put this together…click here}}

If you are really edgy…choose a heel for a night on the town. I mean… why not? Here's my only "pet peeve", and this is just me. No tights with open toe shoes! I think it looks horrid.

Last but NOT least. Ballet flats look great with leggings. Super way to add in color or pattern! I have a pair of leopard flats that I love to pair with a long denim shirt and black leggings. It's a nice…"grocery store" outfit!

Last question!
Fashion tips for the plus size women!!! I love your style but some of it doesn't work for me… - Sabrina

Great question Sabrina!! And I NEVER want anyone to feel excluded. The beauty of my style is there are some components that are good for everyone. I'm a huge fan of long and drapey! But the biggest key…no matter what your shape and size…you have to love what you're in.

For instance the dress I wore this weekend in my photo shoot is from Free People. If you look on their site all you see is size 0 girls with…twigs...for legs. But their clothing is very flow-y. My dress had adjustable straps which I loved. I put a slip on underneath and then added a long cardigan. This style works for everyone…unless you are extremely vertically challenged! I sometimes forget my amazon height!
photo cred. The Adventures of James photography
I'm going to go back to Big Star Denim to recommend jeans again, because they are meant for real people. They are not super tight and they have stretch. I do like skinny jeans, but I'll be the first to admit, they aren't all that comfy. My Big Stars are my go-to for jeans that look great and feel even better. And besides when I bend over? No butt crack issues. I call that a win!

Leggings with long sweaters and shirts. I know I harp a lot on leggings not being pants…what I MEAN is, they ARE pants…just cover your tush! In the plus size realm you can find so many amazing things to top over leggings…like this amazing sweater from Forever 21:
Forever 21
or this I absolutely love! Imagine it over black leggings and some short booties? PERFECT!
And never forget the power of an amazing dress - I love dresses! And this dress? Oh.My.Word. It's stunning!
I hope that helped put some of those life changing fashion questions you had at ease! Lol.

I'm in process of moving my blog to a new platform which should make it easier for you to comment…email me…and just generally read me better! Because it's all about me…right? :) I haven't been a big fan of blogger since day one, but let's just say, I know metal smithing…not internet smithing. BIG difference. HUGE. It's a very good thing I have friends who are much much smarter than me!

Back to the studio I go. Love you bunches!



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