Tuesday Tell All

Tuesday Tell All

Often I find myself amazed about what other people know about. Meaning. Things they have discovered! Songs I've never heard. Books I've never read. Obsessions they have that never even crossed my radar! Through them, I am able to uncover new things. Develop my own obsessions. And the cycle continues!

I thought it might be fun to start my own "tell-all". A recap of the last week or so. What has grabbed my attention? What I think YOU might love. What you just might happen to "need".

So, Lisa's Tuesday Tell-All has been born!

What am I reading?

My daughter judges me on this one. I often hear…you’re not reading…you’re listening. Potatoes PoTAHtoes. A book is a book. And seriously? How many of us have time to sit down and really enjoy a book? I listen to books ALL the time. I find them perfect for in the studio and my drives into the “big city”. This past week I have been engrossed in a book called “The Library. It’s an interesting look at the fire that destroyed the Los Angeles public library. But it’s so much more than that. You get to look INSIDE the walls of a library. And maybe fall in love with this beloved institution all over again.

What am I watching?

Ok, so I am a little of a nerd. I LOVE history. I especially love European history. Currently, I am drowning myself in The Crown. I think I loved the first season best, but season three has me intrigued. Some of the main characters have been replaced, but they do such an amazing job you don’t even notice!

What am I listening to?

If it’s not a book it’s music for me. I cannot go anywhere without a tune in my ear. Music speaks to me, so I am a bit particular. On repeat lately, Naked by James Arthur’s from his newest album called YOU. His voice is mesmerizing.

What am I obsessed with?

I often talk about the perfect pen. Why? Well the artist in me likes something I can write with AND draw with. It’s about a feel in my hand. It’s about ink on paper. It’s the whole kit and kaboodle. What is that pen? A Pilot Precise V5 extra fine. True perfection in a pen.

What can’t I live without in my morning routine?

Confession. This might be a borderline obsession. I tried those eyelash extension things this summer. I could not do them. I like to touch my eyes too much. When it comes to mascara I don’t like to cake it on. I like it to wash off easily. See…I’m a bit persnickety. What I have found is by using a lash primer I don’t have to use as much mascara. Win win right? And. My lashes look amazing. To me. And that’s all that matters baby. I’ve tried a few primers but this is one I keep coming back to is Fully Charged by Pur. It’s truly perfection and lasts a super long time.

There you go. Something fun and hopefully helpful! If you want to know about anything else let me know! And if you have something YOU are obsessed with…share it with me!

xoxoxo, lisa



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