Wedding Jewelry for a very special bride

Wedding Jewelry for a very special bride
It is always a privilege when I am commissioned to create jewelry for a bride. I get so excited about being part of her special day. Of course I stress a bit...that would be the perfectionist in me...but all in all it's a FANTASTIC experience!
So imagine how thrilled I was when a dear, sweet friend, who used to babysit for my kiddos asked me to make HER jewelry? I was giddy!
She loved my BoHo Chic white cuff...but she wanted MORE bling! She also wanted chandelier earrings to match. She gave me a sneak peak of her dress to get a better idea...stunning!
The very best part? When she said "I trust you, just make it beautiful". {{ swoon }}
And beautiful they are. Well...I think so!
Her wedding day is tomorrow. I cannot wait to see how fantastic she will look. She is a gorgeous young woman...but she is even more beautiful on the inside, I know that radiance will be breathtaking.
I am wishing her the very best tomorrow. A day full of excitement and wonder. A day when the love for her husband to be fills her whole being and overwhelms her soul. A day when she confidently vows to share her life with the man of her dreams for all of their days.
Thank you for allowing me to play a small part. I am honored.
What jewelry did you wear on your wedding day?
BE creative!
~ lisa

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