What inspires me to create

What inspires me to create
There are many things that inspire my designs. But one theme that continual shows itself is the swirl and spiral. I create it in wire. I cut it from metal. I doodle it. A lot.
The theme shows up in my house too. I mean it really shows up in my house. Like everywhere!
There is something so freeing about a dancing line. Swirling aimlessly, but creating a fairy tale sense of play. I just love it.
I think where it all stems from is my love of solitude and trees. I know that sounds so odd, but when I was little I had a vivid imagination. I also had a lot of time by myself. I was the youngest of 5, but such a "tail ender" it was as if I was an only child.
Truthfully, I actually enjoyed my time alone. My mind would run wild with ideas!
One thing I loved to do is climb this very small Japanese red maple tree that ran alongside my house. The leaves were dense, the tree was small but strong. I could easily shelter myself in those branches using the leaves as a curtain. It was my magic place.
I would watch the traffic go by. People outside doing whatever it is people do. And I would dream. Dream about what I could be. Dream about where I wanted to go. Dream about the person i wanted to become.
I loved that tree.
There was so much beauty in that magic place. I remember how it felt. I remember tracing the lines in the branches. Feeling the leaves between my fingers. Contemplating why each branch grew in a particular direction. Following the pattern of the leaves.
That love of leaves has impacted so much of my art. Again it is ever present in my home. And it consistently shows itself in my designs.
I find it so interesting to see how inspiration develops. How it becomes a part of who you are. Whether you are an artist or not, I am sure you can see hints of what inspires you in how you decorate. What you gravitate towards. What you love.
It's what makes us unique.
So, climb in my tree with me...I'll share a branch with you...and tell me....what inspires you?
My actual home in New Jersey with "my" tree. It all looks VERY different then from what I remember from so many years ago!
BE creative! ~ lisa

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