You don't have to try so hard. And never google your hip size.

I did something stupid. Something shallow. Something dumb. Hip Size. Idiot. I googled my hip size. Why? I mean part of me wanted to know. Part of me wanted to think I was a bit disillusioned. Part of me knew how absolutely ludicrous this was. Yet. I did it anyway. My hip size? It's not small. Also, not large. But apparently it's plus sized.

I googled my hip size. Part of me wanted to know. Part of me wanted to think I was a bit disillusioned.

Don't get me wrong I'm not opposed to plus sized. But who gets to say who is, and who is NOT plus sized? It's stupid. Kind of like me, the girl who googled it. I know better. I know my issues. I know I have a slight eating disorder and an obsession with how I look. Don't get me wrong. It's not in a vain way. It's totally in an "I'm so hard on myself way". Let's face it. I've never been the skinny girl. But I work out. A lot. I've had four kids. Yet, I'm always dissatisfied. Unhappy. THAT? Is a ME problem. Basically I've bought in to what society says I'm SUPPOSED to look like. And it's eating me alive. I'm writing this today to call BULLSHIT. And I don't even swear. But it is. Magazines. TV. Media. They have all decided what the "perfect" woman looks like. Guess what? We do not exist. Only in Photoshop. I am not 16. I like chocolate. And wine. I am strong. And I am beautiful. In my own way. And you know what? You are too. So as I sit here eating buttered pasta and drinking white wine in my workout clothes I want you to know IT.IS.OK! Maybe I'm writing this for myself, I'm ok with that. But I bet there are other women out there feeling like we don't measure up. But. We do. Completely. Because we are women. Confident. Strong. Capable. Maybe mothers. Maybe wives. We do so many things. We work. We love. We smile. We give. We are beautiful in so many ways. Yet.... Yet...we are made to feel we have to look a certain way. Hair just so. Breasts just so. Legs just right. No veins. No acne. No stretch marks. No sag. Because then, well then my friend, we just don't fit in. BULLSHIT. You made me swear again. Look in the mirror beautiful woman. Look and see how amazing you are. Society has done such a number on us. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm so shallow. I'm sorry I get caught up in not having the thighs of an 18 year old at 47. I'm sorry you think your smile lines need to disappear. I'm sorry your gray hair makes you think you are less of a human. It's. Not. True

Look in the mirror beautiful woman. Look and see how amazing you are.

Find the woman next to you. Find your best friend. Find your mom. Your daughter. Your neighbor. Remind her how amazing she is. Not because she looks like she belongs in Vogue, but because she is your SISTER and she is doing the best that she can. I'm embarrassed and somewhat appalled that I allow my appearance to take so much time in my head. That I allow it to dictate my mood. I'm working on that. Because you know what I know? I'm a lover of a people. I'm a lover of this world. I'm a child of God. And I am EXACTLY who I am supposed to be. If my hip size is PLUS...wonderful. Then I have bonus hips to shake when I dance. So let's dance shall we. And are. stunning. As Colbie Caillat says.....

You don't have to try so hard You don't have to give it all away You just have to get up, get up, get up, get up You don't have to change a single thing

Why? Because you are unique. Beautiful. Amazing. Created for a purpose designed for you. Can we join together and support each other. Please. Because...I. Like. You. A. Lot. xoxoxooxox, lisa

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