Why Buying Glasses Frames Online from Warby Parker is one of the best decisions you'll make

Why Buying Glasses Frames Online from Warby Parker is one of the best decisions you'll make
Glasses. If you belong to my family chances are you can't see. Chances are you need corrective lenses. Yup, it's a gift we just couldn't help passing along to our kids. Good news. Not only is it easier than ever to find amazing glasses online, they are actually priced right. But, you need to find a company you can trust. teen glasses frames from Warby Parker I have to admit I was completely skeptical. I have horrible vision. Since the age of 4 I've had glasses. Mostly I refused to wear them until THAT was no longer an option. For instance, ready for a true vanity story? I went to Greece for a month my Sophomore year of college. At this time I wore contacts - expensive hard to get contacts - that came from England. An astigmatism is just the gift that keeps giving. Ugh. Anyway, I ripped one the day before my flight. No problem. I'll wear one contact. Says the foolish 19 year old. Day 2. Athens. I rip the other one. Not kidding. So how do you think this girl toured Greece for the remainder of the month. Blind! I hated wearing glasses that much I would rather NOT see than wear them. Good grief I was insecure.

I hated wearing glasses that much I would rather NOT see than wear them. Good grief I was insecure.

Needless to say glasses have come a long way. I had heard about Warby Parker for a long time - now I was ready to give them a try. With my kid. Hey, I wasn't quite ready for myself! And besides her eyes are not as bad as mine. Stop judging! warby parker store in Boston How it works. You take a photo of your face, upload it to the site, then you choose 5 pairs of glasses. They send them to you. You try them on. Pick one. Order online. Send the other frames back. Done and Done. tahlia-sage-glasses-warby-parker Tahlia chose 5 distinct pairs of frames but ultimately decided on these super trendy clear crystal frames called Anders. And seriously, how cute are they? $95 out the door. She LOVES them. And they suit her perfectly. teen glasses in clear crystal warby parker warby parker glasses frames As for me. Like I said. I have really bad vision. Bi-focals. Astigmatism. Basically I live in a blurry world. A couple years ago I tried to buy frames online and found my prescription was just not possible. Sad panda. I was in Boston this past August with my older girls. We stopped for cupcakes, as one does, and a wifi network came up for Warby Parker. I was like, WHAT? Fate? Destiny? I don't know, but the Warby Parker store was directly above the cupcake store! SCORE! Who knew they had actual stores? warby parker boston store We had a blast trying on frames and I found a pair I loved. I tentatively showed my prescription to an associate...she, in turn, had to show it to a more experienced associate. I told you it was bad. But hello! Winning. They said yes! *insert happy dance* They measured my pupils and I ordered my frames. Mine were a bit more pricey at $495 - but for bifocals and my needs...and awesome glasses frames? That is a total steal. I chose the frames Wilkie in Modern Blue Bird Fade. LOVE LOVE LOVE. wilkie frames from warby parker fashion over 40 I'll admit when they arrived I was still a bit skeptical. But let me tell you...I can see perfectly. I could not be more pleased with the quality, the design and let's talk customer service. Not only do they work fast and efficiently for orders, their follow-up is awesome. And...day before "picture day" at school we had a glasses accident. Somehow Tahlia's frames ended up on the floor under her foot. Not good. Many of tears. We called Warby Parker and told them exactly what happened. They immediately rushed a new pair of glasses to us. Like super fast. Like not in time for picture day, but in time for the first day of school. That sealed the deal for me. Warby Parker frames jewelry by StudioJewel.com

I could not be more pleased with the quality and the design.

They always have new seasonal frames and at $95, for normal people, that's very affordable. Now glasses frames can truly be the accessory! Give them a try, I promise you will not be disappointed! And...I almost forgot. They are a "do-good" company. They are committed to helping others less fortunate. In their words:

"Almost one billion people worldwide lack access to glasses, which means that 15% of the world’s population cannot effectively learn or work. To help address this problem, Warby Parker partners with non-profits like VisionSpring to ensure that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need."

Now I big puffy heart love them even more. Yes. I am an affiliate for Warby Parker and by using my links I will earn a small commission. But...as you can tell...I was not asked to write this post...I paid for my glasses...and I am truly in love with the company. This is MY honest opinion! I would never give you anything else! Much much love and good vision, lisa

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