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Once you have taking the leap and decided to take your "hobby" to the next level, it usually means you are instantly a business person. That doesn't mean you enjoy it, or even aspire to the business side of things. But it does mean you need to take some things more seriously, and one of those things is your identity. The first thing you will need is a name for your company. Maybe you already have one that you use, but is it "right" for you? There are a couple things to consider in naming your business:
  • Does it describe what it is that you do? Will be people be able to figure out what your craft is?
  • Is someone already using that name? That's as easy as "doing a Google"! Type it in and see what comes up!
  • Don't use JUST your own name...not yet! When you get to be Martha Stewart or Amy Butler, then go for it...but if might first take some time!
  • Does it look okay visually, or even sound okay? Write it down and say it out loud over and over...would YOU go check that company out?
  • Make sure it's not too long, too difficult to remember, or too hard to spell. And don't try to be funny...not everyone get's humor.
So you have a name, what next? Now you need to have a logo designed. After working in THAT industry for 12 years, I have lot's of input...but that's for another post. Come back to find out some hints and tricks to creating a logo for your newly named business!! I would love to hear some of your company names. I always get a kick out of perusing Etsy and reading them, but honestly...there are only a few that stick with me. Take your time, think about it, get some opinions, but don't waste anymore time!

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