Getting Grounded. Step outside of routine. Step outside...period.

getting grounded. allowing ourselves to escape the chaos of life with the simple act of stepping outside

It's a cold, dreary, gray, fall day. A day for slippers, cozy blankets and sweaters. I decided today I would ignore the call of the studio and settle into "desk work". Two words a creative absolutely hates. "Desk work". Yet as a business owner it is completely necessary. But before I settle in to the tedium, I need to sweat. Exercise. Yes...because I am slightly obsessed…but also for my mental health. A necessity of sorts.

I roll out my mat. Grab the weights. And begin to lace up my shoes. In that moment I make a mistake, I look up. Three pairs of brown eyes are staring back at me expectantly. To them, lacing up your shoes means going for a walk. Tails are beginning to wag. "Oh girls. Not today." More tail wagging. Funny thing is, they don't understand me at all yet I still speak to them. Instead of hearing a "no", they begin to crowd me. Relentless. More insistent wagging. They win. I grab a sweatshirt and an ear band… because it is dang cold. Leashes in hand, out the door. They are ridiculously excited. I'm taken aback by the crispness of the air. Unexpected. Not yet, I think. We begin our path down the street. Not too fast because my old girl can't handle it. Not too slow. because the puppy needs to go go go. So we settle into a quick easy clip. Click click click click. Twelve paws hitting the pavement simultaneously. Click click click click. I let my mind begin to wander and breathe in the cold crisp damp air.

We round the corner and it hits me. Deep breath. Pine. Oh how I love that fragrance. Deep breath. I soak it in and can almost FEEL the scent to my very core. That doesn't even make sense. I can't explain how good it was to have that aroma fill my nostrils and permeate my mind. It's fascinating how smells can immediately transport us back to different times and places. In this moment I'm suddenly standing in the woods in Speculator New York. The place we used to spend our family summer vacations. Instantly I'm reminded of my youth. Days without worry. Without stress. More carefree. Fun. Deep breath. Pine.

getting grounded. allowing ourselves to escape the chaos of life with the simple act of stepping outside. Getting Grounded

It's fascinating how smells can immediately transport us back to different times and places.

I didn't even realize I was standing still with my eyes closed until my arm begins to tug away from my body. Restless pups wondering why in the world I would dare to stop in the middle of their walk. How selfish of me! We walk on. I can still smell the pine.

Grounded. I suddenly feel incredibly grounded. Solid. Sturdy. I'm reminded of the gift of our beautiful planet. Textures. Vistas. Gentle breezes. Sounds of leaves rustling in the wind. The warmth of the sun on your face. Do you feel it?

And a time when our world is so chaotic. Politics is ruling our newsrooms and Facebook feeds. My personal life is a struggle. Depression seeks to destroy me. All of that comes at me and wave after wave after wave. But suddenly. Out here. With the fragrance of pine still lingering. I feel very grounded. At peace. Dare I say, happy? I suddenly remember the fantasy I have had since I was a tiny girl. Driving along uninhabited highways watching nothing but trees zip past my window. Wondering. What was it like here before there was a road? Who lived here. How dense is that forest. What would it be like to run through the trees? Is it even possible? How thick is the layer of pine needles on the ground? I long to be in that forest. To be surrounded by NOTHING but what the earth has to offer. No distractions.

I guess I'm writing this because I want you to take the time to let go. To go outside. To take in this gift that nature is to us. It's truly the place where God speaks to me most clearly. I want you to feel it too. Step away from the chaos that we call life. Take time to just be. To be present. To feel grounded. To breathe in the scent of pine.

Take time to let go...just be...and sense the grounding.

In this moment I also realized this is the very essence of why I love what I do. Yes I love the creativity aspect. Yes I love designing. Yes I love working with other people and bringing them joy. But it's the elements of the earth. The stones. The colors. The shapes. The textures. I'm incredibly visual and tactile. And the earth just sings to me it's song, "look at me, touch me, feel me, smell me"...showing me it's wonders and its beauty. And I get to work with these elements. Every single day. It is the core of what I am called to do. To use these materials in such a way to bring beauty and joy to others. It is the perfect combination of who I am.

Maybe. Just maybe I would not have realized all of this if those expectant brown eyes hadn't begged me to take them outside. If I hadn't been ready to receive that message.

the simple act of walking our dogs to get ourselves outside. grounding.

Go outside my friend. Take time to let go...just be...and sense the grounding. That's my intention for you today.

much much love, lisa


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