My Dream List

My Dream List
Do you dare to make your dreams a reality? Someone once told me to make a to-do list for my business - but not just any to-do list...a DREAM list. I spent a lot of time thinking about what I would put on this list. I was actually afraid it would sound too lofty or arrogant. But truthfully what it did do is help me think through some of my goals and put myself on a path of achieving those goals. Reality? I'll probably never achieve all of them, or maybe most of them for that matter. But if we never dream we can't expect to make anything of ourselves. I'll share the top ten from my list, and then encourage you to at least come up with FIVE things for yourself. Place a comment on this post of at least ONE of your dreams for your business. Sometimes seeing it in writing is all it takes. Lisa's DREAM To-Do List - (not in any particular order!)
  • Start a blog (hey, I actually did this one!)
  • Be featured on several web-zines
  • Become a master diamond setter
  • Have at least one "big name" star wear my designs
  • Finish the children's book I wrote
  • Create a piece that really makes a difference in someones life
  • Have my website come up on the first page of GOOGLE under a handcrafted jewelry search
  • Have a store carrying my designs in every state
  • Have at least 3 international stores
Now let's see what you come up with! Go...Dream BIG!

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