Top Ten Things I Obsess about, a little, maybe, a tiny bit

Top Ten Things I Obsess about, a little, maybe, a tiny bit
Since it is my birthday week I feel like I can be a bit narcissistic and it will be accepted. Well I guess you don't really have a choice do you? I suppose you can choose to read or not read....ANYway.
I am a youngest child and an only child (much older siblings) AND I am an artist. That combo makes for a bit of quirkiness in personality. I'll admit it. Sometimes I can just be plain ole weird.
So here are a few things I might be a bit strangely obsessed about.
  1. Watching the news. It's routine. It signals "I quit" for the day.
  2. Knowing the weather. Which is stupid... Michigan = cold and grey
  3. Not having my toes painted. Yes, even in the winter.
  4. Leaving the house without jewelry. Someone might ask me {gasp}
  5. Making sure my children's teeth are brushed. ( i mean really, this is just basic hygiene people!)
  6. Calories in beverages. Seriously, why waste your daily allotment on a drink?
  7. Having my sink void of dishes. Oh the joy of an empty sink.
  8. Slipcovers. When I have them on my furniture...which I LOATHE...they have to be just right or it drives me absolutely crazy!
  9. My hair. Shallow? I know. But it's been curly my whole life and a constant battle and it just has a mind of its own. Oh, leave me alone!
  10. Making the perfect top 10 list. I have sat and not published for over an hour because I don't have a #10. How stupid is that?
On that note, we move onto more important me and my birthday! Really, I'm not USUALLY this self obsessed. :)
Here's the deal, in staying with theme - the narcissistic part, visit one of my other top 10 posts and tell me something about me that totally resonates with you.
Do you have any of the same dreams and wishes that I do?
Do you share any of the same struggles in business?
What about my random facts? Can you relate?
you are so loved. xoxoxo, lisa

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