You Know You're a Sister When....

You Know You're a Sister When....
  • You know you're a sister have nowhere to spit out your gum and she offers to swallow it for you.
  • You know you're a sister when...your clothes are all in the laundry but she has exactly the right thing to wear.
  • You know you're a sister're overwhelmed with life and she offers to come to clean your house.


  • You know you’re a sister when…you say you’re getting fat and she tells you your clothes have shrunk.
  • You know you’re a sister when…you plan to compete in a Triathlon at 40 but can’t and she says 50 is a much better choice.
  • You know you're a sister tweet about having a bad day and she DM's you a virtual cup of tea.
  • You know you're a sister feel ugly and unattractive and she posts pics of you and says how beautiful you are.
  • You know you’re a sister when…you rarely update your blog, but she tells you she’s added you to her “reader”.
  • You know you’re a sister when…although you’ve never met she wants to be your Facebook friend to tell you how gorgeous your children are.

I have an "in real life" sister who I love and adore...and I have experienced a sisterhood online that I never thought was possible. And although no one will ever be like the woman who shares the same blood as I, the "sisters" I have met online have changed my world.

When I traveled through the the dark mires of depression last fall, there was the "sisterhood" who picked up on my "mood" and offered friendship and encouragement. When I needed a word, a thought, just someone to acknowledge my assure me that my life was indeed valuable...I could count on one of my "sisters" to be there.

In 140 characters I felt supported, loved and often humored to the point of laughing out loud. Add in live chats and emails and I KNEW...that even though there may be many miles between us, we may not share the same skin color, we might be moms of toddlers or teens, we may worship differently one thing was for sure...we are woman...sisters....with compassion and genuine concern for one another.

These women, these sisters may not know me by name, or even recognize me in the grocery store...but they unfailingly would be "there". And that sisterhood, that connection, literally saved my life! I am, and will be forever grateful.

xoxxo, lisa


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