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Introvert / Extrovert can you be both?

Introvert / Extrovert can you be both?

I wrote the blog post below in 2014. SEVEN years ago. Back then. You know. When I still wrote regularly.

Don’t worry I’m giving myself a LOOK!

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let-love-be-genuine / because someone needs to know that, and feel that today

That Friday I crumbled. But still. I rise.

On Friday I crumbled. Not just in my head. Not a few random tears. No. I literally crum...
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no longer slaves to fear bethel music child of God tattoo

The honest truth. Success. Life. The journey.

Success. I want to tell you I have it all figured out. I want to tell you how to be a s...
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Fear will trickle in unaware until it has taken up so much space you find yourself drowning when you didn't even realize you were swimming.

Facing Fear

there are two kinds of fear. one. helps us. guides us. protects us. the other? seeks to destroy us. why do we even let her into our heads?
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That One Day I got to be a model. Oh and - I need your vote!

I am not a model. I have never been a model. I have not aspired TO be a model. But yet...
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